Friday, December 21, 2012

The Eternal Optimist's Gift Giving Guide

Alright people, we are mere DAYS away from Christmas. I love the Christmas season, it really IS the most wonderful time of the year and start playing my Christmas music as soon as possible. I mean, we only have this one month out of 12 to enjoy it, so yea sometimes its on overdrive.

So, as a self proclaimed fashionista, or at the very least, a fashion lover, what is on my gift giving/wish list guide for the Christmas of 2012?

Infinity Scarf 
I have been coveting an infinity scarf for quite some time now. They are one of the few items that look equally as comfortable as they are stylish. They also carry the advantage of no stringy ends to deal with or get caught in things. Yes, I am clumsy, so yes, those are things I have to factor in.

Riding Boots 
I adore riding boots and am dying for a two-toned pair. They are everywhere these days, therefore it is quite easy to find one within your budget. They can be worn with almost anything, and are a perfect boot for walking around town. 

  iPhone case
I think it is safe to say that Apple has pretty much taken over the world. Get the fashion lover in your life a stylish cover for her phone that will turn her technological device into her best fashion accessory.

   Fur vest
You all know by now I feel about (faux) fur: it is definitely this season's must have item. Get your loved one a fur vest or stool and they will stay fashionable and warm over the winter. 

Well friends, I meant to get this out a lot earlier this month, but due to exams, work and just life getting in the way, I wasn't able to get to it until now. If you are on the ball then you probably have all your gifts picked out, so then maybe consider this a boxing day shopping guide. 

Happy holidays & happy gift shopping/giving! 

What is on your Christmas wish list this year? 


  1. I caved and bought a pair of two-toned Steven Madden riding boots a couple weeks ago... I was DYING for them. You're right, they are everywhere. Winners has a great pair that are decently priced as well (but you know Winners, you gotta have the right timing!)

  2. ahhh really? You will have to show me which ones! I checked out Winners and I was really disappointed. There were some but their zippers were all broken! I was really disappointed because I usually love winners! I think I will have to check out Steve Madden now ;) Enjoy your lovely boots girl! Happy holidays!