Sunday, December 23, 2012

Spanish Style

Over the next few posts I will be highlighting some amazing local (fashion) talent here in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Although I'm on vacation, following fashion is never actually work and I really want to share all of the cool things I am seeing/experiencing here with you all. Vacation is actually the best time to blog because I can finally do it at my own liberty, not when I have just 5 minutes free because I happen to not be studying,working, at school or sleeping.

Fashion here in Mexico both baffles and amazes me. They don't really have 4 distinct seasons here like we do in Canada, yet there are still "summer" and "winter" clothes. I thought I could head down south with merely a few pairs of shorts, sun dresses and tanks and be good to go. Boy, was I ever wrong. (Savour that because I don't say it very often!) Ya it is lovely during the day here, but at night, it is a whole other ball game. It gets down to about 15 in the evenings (which I know might not seem cold to you guys, but when its 30+ during the day, trust me it is) and it is a completely different kind of cold than in Ottawa. Its a humid cold here that seeps its way deep into your bones and leaves you with quite the chill. Needless to say, I did not come prepared.

In the evenings a sweater is defintley required, and probably pants as well. I thought the ladies down here were nuts for wearing pantyhose, I mean its Mexico! Let me tell you, yesterday I had to run out and buy a pair because in the evening I was quite literally freezing my butt off.  The largest differentiator between winter and summer attire here are the colours. Summer features the fluorescents, brights and bolds, while winter season is reserved for the deep and dark hues. So maybe you will use the same item for both seasons, just the shades may change.

Stay tuned for my first feature on local designer Vero Diaz, who I had the pleasure of interviewing today in her boutique.

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