Thursday, December 20, 2012

Adios Ottawa!

Travelling sure ain't what it used to be...

I am currently in the Ottawa Airport, awaiting my early morning flight to Cancun, Mexico. After working and having my last exam, along with doing all the other running around and errands I had to before leaving, today (yesterday?) has been a lonnnnng day. I feel like I have the right to still call it today seeing how I haven't been to sleep yet.

Amongst my packing, planning and preparing, I got to thinking about how we travel. I have always been fascinated by the idea of travel, I mean you literally spend just a few short hours on a plane and then poof! You are in some new, exotic place. I love it. I love the sense of adventure, spontaneity, not knowing what awaits you, all that jazz. I feel like travel has gotten a bit, well boring lately. Don't get me wrong, I am still happy as a clam to grab my bags and go...but the rustic appeal is gone. We still have access to all the same resources as we would at home. While I'm saying my goodbye to my dad he just leaves it at "Ya text me, or send me a Facebook message, or email or whatever." Even though I am travelling to a whole other country I still have access to (almost) everything I would back home, which yes is convenient, and to be quite honest I probably couldn't, or wouldn't want to survive completely without it, but I do feel it kind of takes away the exoticness and mystery of world travel.

Meh, just some early morning musings. Maybe I need some sleep...but how can I sleep when there is a warm beach in my so, so, so near future?

Although I'll be gone, I yes will have access to internet and continue blogging. Since I am on vacation and have literally zero school work to be done (or to feel guilty about not doing) I have free reign to blog, rant and rave as much as I want or can. So, stay tuned for some Mexican fashion, fun and hopefully, sun.
P.S Here is a sneak peek into my carry on (we are hitting the beach right after I land, I need at LEAST a base of a tan before I blind everyone in Mexico with the glare of my horribly white skin).  One of the many things I am looking forward to over the holidays is having time to actually read for pleasure. During the school year I don't let myself read for pleasure, I mean I would get NO studying done. So, as of today I am at liberty to read not for school, but just for myself and my current book of choice is The Life of Pi. I read it once when it first came out years ago, but hardly remember a thing and feel like its a must re-read before seeing the movie.

What are you guys reading, thinking, doing this holiday season?


  1. This reminds me - I've gotta get my hands on that book to read it. Let me know how it is!
    Have an awesome time!!

    1. Will do doll! If I finish it on my holidays I can even lend it to you when I get back, if you can wait that long haha

  2. Are you excited about the movie too? I am enjoying reading for pleasure too. I set aside my latest issues of InStyle and Style at Home for Christmas at my parents', but I couldn't wait and cracked them open today. I'm also reading the Art of Racing in the Rain, which I highly recommend!

    Looking forward to seeing your Mexican holiday fashions :)

  3. Have a great trip!! Can't wait to hear all about it once you're back

    Kate xo