Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Different Kind of September

For me, September usually equals a new school year, (hopefully) new clothes, and the coming of the autumn season.

This September holds a different set of cards for me. I will not be returning to school, I will, gasp, finally be graduating. About time, eh? With the closing of one lengthy, diverse experience comes the beginning of a new one.  Although it may not be an academic adventure, I will be embarking on a different kind of quest this September.

Instead of breaking out my cozy sweaters and necessary knits in preparation for the transitional weather, this September 1st I will be heading to the land of eternal summer, a.k.a Merida, Yucatan, Mexico for an undetermined period of time.

Why, you ask? Simply put, because I can.

For the first time in my almost twenty five years on this planet I will be free educational constraints. For the first time I can do whatever  I want, versus what I assume that I need. And what I want, for the time being, is simply that. I want time.

I will be back in Canada for my convocation in November, for a few weeks. Don't ask me the dates because I don't know yet.  Maybe you think its careless, I prefer carefree. Not that I am free of cares, but I am free to do what I want when I want, and that my friends, is a glorious thing.

Ya, now that I'm graduating I could settle into a comfy, predictable government job. But instead of seeing oppression, I see opportunity. I quite literally have nothing holding me back. No student loans, no mortgage payments, heck, I don't even have a car. My largest and longest running responsibility and commitment has been my cell phone bill, and I hate to break it to you Telus, but after these 6 roller coaster years of our relationship I think it's about time we see other people.

So, as my life takes a turn for the uncertain, as does my blog. Of course the element of fashion will remain, you couldn't remove it if you tried. But my blog will now focus more-so on my experiences living, playing and working as a Canadian in the beautiful colonial city of Merida, Mexico.

Stay tuned for tales of tacos, tamales and tardiness. Nos vemos en Mexico!