Friday, February 15, 2013

Titanium (no, not the song)

Remember when I interviewed designer Andres Gasque over the Christmas holidays and attended his spring campaign's photo-shoot in Merida, Mexico? Well, I had already shared some behind the scenes pics with you all, but Andres was kind enough to share the final product with me and I thought I would show them all to you! Not to mention that these are the photos taken by an actual professional photographer, not just me snapping random shots.

Seeing this pictures and knowing that I was actually there when they were shot is kind of a surreal experience for me. Now that I'm back home in Canada in the oh so dreary winter weather, it's hard to believe that that scenery was in fact my reality just a few short months ago. Sigh, Canadian problems eh?

The campaign is entitled "Titanium" and is his Spring 2013 collection. Enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. 
I love the dress on the right and the detail of the bow belt on the back is absolutely adorable.
I adore the strapless bathing suit on the left!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Home is where the heart (and bargain) is

This weekend I finally went home. Considering that I've been a nomad for most of my childhood and adult life, moving more often than I changed my socks, it really is strange to have a notion of a place that truly feels like home. Between having half of my family from there (and still currently living there), living there myself throughout my CEGEP years and first summers of university, and the beautiful city itself, I can happily and proudly say that I love Quebec city and can refer to it as home

This weekend was the first weekend I have been home in, I am ashamed to admit, longer than I can remember. Because I went to Mexico for Christmas, and have been crazy busy with school both before and after the holidays, I haven't able to squeeze in a visit home in quite some time now and was definitely due.

The weekend was wonderful, as to be expected, but like most weekends (and especially those spent travelling) it went by way too fast. Luckily, I managed to catch up with 2 of my best friends of all time, spend quality time with my grandparents and cousin, and of course, squeeze in a little shopping.

I was a woman on a mission this weekend. I have had a gift card for H&M sitting in my room for over a year now. It was from not my last birthday, but the one before that. We are talking August 2011 here people. For some reason that I can't even begin to understand, our nation's capital does not have an H&M. Fredericton, NB and London, ON can have one but not us? It's not fair I tell you! Not fair at all.

So even though I am currently a starving student on a strict no shopping diet, I made an exception for this weekend, since I did have free money in the form of a giftcard, and well how often do I actually get home? (If you have gathered anything from this post, it's that the answer is not often.) I limited myself to only the stores that we don't have here in Ottawa, basically just H&M and Simons.

I am REALLY excited about what I found and I only managed to spend a whopping $50 (plus the $25 H&M gift card.) In that 50 bucks, I managed to score a blouse, pair of pants, 4 necklaces, a bracelet, a belt and a package of nine pairs of earrings. Yes, I think I officially reclaimed my title of queen of the bargains, discount diva, sale spotter, whichever you prefer.

Just a side note about H&M. Have any of you been shopping there recently? I don't know if my body has changed or they have altered their sizing or whats up, all I do know is that their clothing was fitting really oddly. Everything looked just fabulous on the hanger, but on my body nothing was sitting right at all. Due to my frustration in the clothing department, I decided to spent the contents of my gift card on jewellery and accessories. Those always fit, right?

I found this adorable gold rose cuff at Simons for only $5.99 (Regular $18)

 This necklace actually matches the cuff perfectly. It was $9 regular price. My friend Allison bought the same one as well, I like to think of it as a more stylish version of those god awful "best friends" friendship necklaces.

This belt was from Dynamite (I cheated a little bit, we do have this store in Ottawa, but it was on sale for only $5 and it's a bow! I cannot resist a bow.)
 I have been looking for just some gold studs for a while now and these ones fit the bill perfectly. I think they were $6.95 from H&M. 

 One of the necklaces from H&M. Regular $24 and I got it for a steal of $10. 

 Same thing as the other necklace. Regular $24 on sale for $10 and at the cash I found out they were buy one get one free!
This one was also from H&M on sale for $7. 

 Pants from Simons, regular $40 and they were on sale for only $9.99.
 The pictures don't really do it justice, but this gorgeous transparent white blouse with lace detail was my best find this weeknd. Its comfortable, it's chic, and at regular price it cost more than my entire shopping spree! $65 regular and was on sale for $9.99.

I also had to share this adorable and oh so practical mug that was at my grandma's house. Don't grandma's always have the neatest things?