Monday, May 28, 2012

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

Since i've already proclaimed my love for Pinterest, i thought i'd share a clever idea i found last night for DIY heart shaped elbow patches. Love elbow patches, they give a certain "professor" feel to a plain sweater, while the hearts keep it from being overly masculine! If you really want to get wild, go for any other shape you want! So simple, so cute!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

One new trend that I'm obsessed with is : the back. Maybe because its one of the only spots on your body thats relatively fat free, who knows. What i do know is that it's sexy as hell, and not in an obvious boob and legs kind of way, but in a more tasteful and classy approach. Out with the obvious, in with the subtle!

How to do backless?
Personally, my favourite way to go backless is with a cute dress, or something with a fun design on the back. What to do for a bra? If you aren't blessed with naturally large girls (such as myself) practically every bra or lingerie store sells self adhesive push up bras. I bought one at La Senza for approximately 40 dollars.

Just a few examples of some backless beauties:

I need a Pintervention

My latest and greatest obsession : PINTEREST! Whether you are a homemaker, aspiring fashionista, shopaholic, art connaiseur; i don't care who you are, Pinterest is for you. The concept is pretty simple (an online pinboard) while simultaneously being genius! As much as i like to think I've got it all together, i am  honest enough to admit that I'm a bit of a scatterbrain and cannot begin to describe how many times i have seen something i wanted online (idea, clothes, recipe etc) and either ended up forgetting or having about a million tabs in my bookmark list. Pinterest gives me an outlet for my compulsive window shopping, so to the creators of Pinterst I THANK YOU! 

Oh and if you are looking for an invite to Pinterest just email me and i will absolutely invite you because i believe everyone needs a little Pinterest in their lives!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hola Mexico !

In light of the fact that i was coming to Mexico for a month and a half, i only found it appropriate to go buy new bathing suits! This one is by far my favourite find (Old Navy for 30$). Very classy without looking cheap! Throw on a few gold chains and a floppy hat and your good to go!

Also, as fluorescent colours are all the rage these days, I also snagged two strapless bikinis from Forever 21 for only 5.60$ a piece (one in hot pink and one in blue).

Bring on the sunshine!

Hello blog world...again!

This is my second attempt at blogging, and is on a friend's suggestion. My first attempt was a miserable failure, i think i posted only twice? So hopefully i'll be a tad more consistent with this one. Based on thus friend's suggestion, this blog will be fashion based and providing classy looks for less. i'll be posting pics, thoughts, ideas and anything else i find of interest! Enjoy :)