Sunday, December 2, 2012

Starting December off with a bang

Can you guys BELIEVE it is already December? I feel like I just blinked, fall was over, and now it is the holly jolly holiday season. Not that I am complaining, I am a HUGE fan of the Christmas season, love everything associated with it and am so pleased that it is now (somewhat) socially acceptable to go all out on the holiday cheer.
                                On our way out to start the day!

To celebrate the beginning of this joyous month, Saturday, December 1st was a busy, busy day full of activities and events. The boyfriend is here visiting and we started off our day by meeting up with the lovely ladies of R.T Estilo, Tiffany and Roohneet, for an interview for The Black Sheep Fashion. Tiffany and Roohneet are best friends who are also business partners. They have their very own line of fabulous statement jewellery here in Ottawa. I walked away with a great interview in the bag, met two fantastic fashionistas and even got some Christmas shopping done. Other than that, my lips are sealed until the 15th of this month when the new issue of the Black Sheep Fashion comes out, so check it out for more on my afternoon with R.T Estilo.
Next up was the Berdy Elegance event at the Lord Elgin Hotel in downtown Ottawa. I heard about this event through my friend Grace Mayele and it couldn't of been better timing. Berdy Elegance does affordable custom suits and shirts, among other things, for men. Since the boyfriend was visiting, this was the perfect opportunity to take him to a fashion event that was actually tailored (quite literally) to him and not to women!  We also walked away from there with some Christmas shopping done. (P.S I am totally loving that about 90% of my gifts thus far are bought local.)

Afterwards we braved the cold for a little "date" in between events. We headed to the theatre in hopes of catching Skyfall, the new James Bond movie, but were too late ("Mexican" time), so we opted for Anna Karenina instead. I may be biased since I am a huge fan of Kiera Knightley's, but between her and the gorgeous imagery of old world Russia, I thought the film was well done. My boyfriend pretty much snoozed through the whole thing and then said he didn't really like the movie. Typical.

We ended the fun filled day with the viens avec moi 1st year anniversary party that also doubled as Carolynn Lacasse's Courage bracelet debut. Check out my previous blog post detailing her project here. It was shamefully my first time at viens avec moi (I've been dying to go for ages, just that Wellington West is SO far from Orleans) and was thrilled to finally have the chance to do so and for a good cause. The boutique is unlike anything I have ever seen before (and that is a good thing). It is in this beautiful old house with the most delightful decorative designs. The event actually felt more like you were at a hip house party rubbing shoulders with Ottawa's most fashionable and fabulous, than at a store. Wine was flowing, tar tar was being eaten and Courage bracelets were being snapped up. My boyfriend was extremely envious of all the other men he spotted sipping on beer, rather than the wine he had in his hand, and when we finally asked where this sacred beer was, to his shock and surprise it was out on the back porch. Being Mexican, he couldn't get over how we are able to just stick the beer outside to chill it and had to snap a picture to send to all his friends back home. I'm pretty sure that was the first (and only) feature he liked about Canada's cold temperatures.

                       The most beautiful chandelier to ever exist.

                   Carolynn with her charming Courage bracelets. 

With such an exhausting Saturday behind us, today was the laziest of Sundays and the only efforts made in any way shape or form were to put up the Christmas tree in my house.
What did you guys do to stay fashionable this first weekend of December?

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