Monday, January 28, 2013

Pretty Pirouettes

Current obsession: ballet, literally, inspired flats

I know I am a little late to the game on this trend. Chloé did the ballet themed thing in Spring 2011, and  before even that there was the Black Swan frenzy of 2010, but for some reason or another this trend just finally has found its way into my heart now.

(Fun fact, I did actually dress up as Black Swan a few years back for Halloween. In my opinion, my best (and most last minute) costume ever! This costume was complete DIY, from head to toe. Tutu from Ardene, tank from Sirens, crown, feather boas and various glitter acessories all from Claire's and all bought roughly 2 hours before heading to the Halloween festivities of that year. Surprisingly enough, to this day I still have people asking me where I got my costume!)

Anway, back to the SHOES! I have decided that I absolutely need a pair of ballerina like flats for Spring of 2013 and am currently lusting over these Chloé ones. You might say "Oh Darcy that is just soooo 2011 and soooo over." Well, maybe so, but isn't personal style about wearing not only whats trendy, but what you love?  To be perfectly honest with you I am not a huge fan of what is actually trendy right now. I mean spikes, skulls and shreds? I like to dabble in it, but it is definitely not a style I can fully embrace. If you know me at all then you are well aware of how ridiculous (and homeless) I would look decked out in rocker wear. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but appreciation (and many times even envy) for those gals who can successfully pull off absolutely any trend and always look cutting edge. I have just come to the realization and reality of the fact that I am not one of them. My style is more classic, feminine and I would much rather be ridiculed for rocking a style that may in fact be considered long gone but is 100% me, rather than to be maybe be current, but look absurd doing so.

 These Chloé flats retail for about 500 dollars and upward. Unfortunately, being somewhat of a starving student I can't exactly justify spending almost the amount of one course on a pair of flats. If anyone could fill me on where I could get a replica of these darlings I would be forever in your debt!

Any surprise that I also am in love with the tutu trend? Not to worry, I would not wear the flats and tutu together and look like I'm heading to the local curvy girl's rendition of Swan Lake. It's all about breaking up the pieces and mixing different styles together, just like these lovely ladies did.
 You cannot talk bout tutus without mentioning Sarah Jessica Parker's alias Carrie Bradshaw. In Sex and the City's intro Carrie was the first fashionable lady to rock the tutu and women everywhere (myself included) have been coveting this delicate look ever since.
So basically, if this snow EVER goes away, this spring you can expect to see me prancing around the streets of Ottawa in ballet inspired wear. I think this adoration may derive from my unfulfilled childhood dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. I always thought ballet was just simply beautiful and ballerinas represented the essence of femininity.  I did take a ballet class, many moons ago, but quickly realized I don't quite have the grace or disciplined diet required. Sigh, maybe in another life. Until then, I can at least channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw. Funny, since I actually always fancied myself a Charlotte.

What do you think of the ballet trend? So passé or actually on pointe? 

P.S Seriously, if anyone, and I mean ANYONE, out there in the blogsphere knows where I can get those flats at an affordable price I will love you forever.


  1. I have no idea where you could find your Chloe flats or similar ones - have you tried searching ballet flats on to see what comes up?

    I liked this post and it's true it's better to stay true to your own style than wear what's in, especially if you feel uncomfortable in it!

    Also great costume!!!

    1. Would you believe I've already ordered some? I LOVE the internet! Someone on twitter suggested that same website ( to me and I found some that are almost identical to the Chloe ones for only $44! Thanks so much for recommending that site, I had never used it before, and for your comment :)

  2. Oooh! I hope I get to see you prancing around in your ballet-inspired attire. Definitely don't think it's pass; if you want to wear it, you'll find a way to rock it!

    1. Thanks doll :) I already ordered the shoes, now just to find me a tutu! haha

  3. I couldn't agree more with this post. People follow trends to feel current, to gain admiration, because they like short, it's about feeling good in their skin. And if the ballet trend makes you feel that way, go for it! I'm personally a big fan too. Love the Black Swan costume!

  4. Hi Darcy,

    Hope you had a great weekend! Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Leibster Award:

    xo Kate

  5. Darling costume! I hope the ballet trends are here to stay. I was a dancer from age 4 until 18 (hehe when University got in the way:P ) and I'm constantly drawn to ballet-inspired pieces. I think the ballet flat is such a classic piece and definitely think it's around for the long run....but honestly, I feel like the tulle skirts are just trending. Not exactly the most lasting item for a closet. But very fun to dance around ing :D

    Darling blog you have here, Darcy! Nice to see another Ottawa blogger :D