Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Kate: A Style Ode to the Duchess

Today, January 9th, is my favorite style icon of ALL time's birthday. She's classy, even a little be sassy, sophisticated, elegant, ultra feminine and never, ever, ever fails to be appropriately dressed : I introduce you my style obsession: Kate Middleton.

To celebrate my icon's birthday today I thought I would share some of my favorite Kate looks. By the way, I must add, she is turning 31 today..and holy smokes does she ever rock it! For someone like me that's terrified of hitting a quarter century, she really gives me hope that there is a (stylish) life after 30. Reason #3471792737372 why she's my idol.

First off, let's discuss the gorgeous gowns. Being a duchess, of course she has to rock a gown or two, from time to time, dahling. But she really does it like no other. In my opinion she expertly rides the fine line between trendy and classic, which is an extremely hard task to do, and something I struggle with on a daily basis. This sparkled baby pink number and aqua lace creation are among my faves.
Ok, yea, sure wears a gown well., that's a simple prerequisite to being in her position; you may be thinking. Oh but just you wait. I would also like to introduce you to casual Kate, which may just be my favourite Kate of all (gasp, shocking I know). Kate always, always stays classy, even when dressing down and she never fails to look pulled together. I adore the nautical strips and navy blue combo she sports in the first pic, and check out her army green rubber boots!
 Kate also expertly uses one of my favorite pieces of clothing to exist: the day dress. I hate pants, with a passion, and she cleverly executes my all time fave piece over and over again.
And how can we forget lovely lace! Kate appropriately uses lace, always looking feminine and never outdated. 
Last, but not certainly not least, we have to mention her hair. You can NOT discuss the Duchess without raving about her perfectly coiffed dos. Her full head of hair, luscious chocolate brown hue and effortless curls are the things girls (espeicaly this one) dream of. 
Happy birthday Kate! Keep up the great style, and I leave you all with a few words of wisdom that I am sure the Duchess will approve of. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE Kate Middleton's style. She's quickly become my style icon as well! What a great fashion retrospective - thanks Darcy!

    Kate xo

  2. I find her style quite basic, but it's probably because of all the "royal" rules. Though her gowns are always a knock-out!

  3. She is a sophisticated class act. I wasn't overly fond of her pre-engagement style but she has really come into her own and never has a misstep on the carpet. I hope long-sleeved dresses make a comeback in stores; us Canadians would benefit!