Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Designer Profile: Andres Gasque

3 weeks may seem like a long time for Christmas vacation in Mexico, but in all honesty it didn't even begin to give me enough time to properly explore all the fashion talent that lies in the Yucatan. Luckily for me (and for you all reading) I managed to find time to not only interview local designer Andres Gasque, but he also invited me to his photo shoot for his Summer 2013 collection, Titanium. I was able to get a sneak peek of the collection, the campaign and for the first time since being in Merida, Andy accomplished something that has never, ever happened to me in Mexico...amongst all of those models and heels, at 5'7, I,  actually felt SHORT (and it was glorious, so a huge thank you for that Andy, I adored every single second of it!)

Andy's passion for fashion has been under construction for quite some time now. His earliest and fondest memories are of his mother's sharp eye for style. For years she dressed up both him and his brother in matching (but equally fashionable) outfits. In secondary school the sketching, drawing, drafting and dreaming began, but it wasn't until an iconic moment in fashion history happened that Andy had his "aha" lightbulb moment of "I could actually do this!" Of course this milestone was the emergence of Calvin Klein and his classic CK jeans bursting onto the fashion scene. Andres came to the realization that if "CK" can work, then hey, so can AG!

Ambitious Andy didn't make the jump over to the fashion industry right away. First, he fulfilled his father's wishes of finishing a degree in International Business in Monterrey. Upon completion, Andy knew he had to pursue fashion, and in my personal opinion, his business degree served him very well. Andy was now equipped with the tools and resources to present his plan of attack, and that is just what he did. Andy rides the fine line between the creative genius and the pragmatic realist. He knew that it would be a rocky road ahead, and knew that he had to approach this in a way his parents could support and understand. He proved to his father that this fashion thing was not simple a whim by pretty much presenting him with a business proposal, research and budget for the fashion school he wanted to attend in New York City. He also completed a 6 internship with Mexican designer Ricardo Seco and even accompanied him to various shows in Spain and across Mexico. He won over his dad and off to Parsons he went. 

Andy's dreams were put temporarily on hold when he was in a life changing car accident one summer while home from Parsons. He nearly lost his life and suffered severe injuries. I was honestly amazed at his resilience and determination. I also have injured myself (nothing as severe) and fully know how difficult it is to recover and ward off depression, but Andy wouldn't have any of that. He knew he had to  recover in order to get back to Parsons and finish up his degree. He knew he had a purpose in this life and his positive attitude and willpower are really quite impressive. While in recovery, the ever efficient Andy wasted no time in continuing working on his dreams. He started a brand with a friend and learned valuable real world experience before heading back to Parsons for his final semester. 

Fast forward to the present day. Today, Andy has his line in 3 separate stores in Merida, as well as having his own studio. He consistently presents fashion shows and from what I have seen, puts his business background to good use. He is one of the few designers that I was able to talk PR & business shop with, discussing press releases and business plans with equal ease as fabrics and cuts. He still appreciates his mother's keen eye for style, and takes advantage of that as she is both his biggest fan and harshest critic. Honesty is the best policy in the Gasque household and she is not shy to voice her concerns and advice, but Andy admits that she is usually right on the money and he more often than not follows her suggestions. Between his mother's judging skills and his sister being his perfect sample size, it is pretty much the picture of Project Runway in the Gasque living room. 

Simple, sophisticated and stunning are just a few words that describe Andy's clothing. His clothing are wearable and classically cut, usually featuring one "shock value" piece amongst the collection. His Titanium collection was inspired by the titans and greek deities. He wanted to depict the combination of strength, power, flow and etherealness that represents the greek culture. The colours of this collection are derived from the ancient armour of the Titans, including shades of liquid metals and whites. 

Unorthodox concepts are where Andy thrives. Contrary and contradictory terms that can be sculpted together to create an elegant end result are his specialty, and although I can't release too much, I can assure you that his Fall 2013 line is looking promising. 

Enjoy some pictures from my interview with Andy as well as some behind the scenes shots from the photo shoot! You can find Andy's work at, posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter. And not to worry, of course I will keep you all in the loop and share the actual professional photos from the shoot as soon as they come out.
Stay tuned!


  1. THAT. WHITE. PANT. SUIT....OMGOMGOMG, How much!?!? Gorgeous!! And all the jewelry on the same girl when she's playing with the hats. I wa-*drops*!!!

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? I was dying for it as well...everything was so just so beautiful! So glad to have been there to capture a few shots, he is definitely talented!

    2. remember i told you i fell in love with the white one!! it is gorgeous!

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    1. Thank you so much! So much fun interviewing designers in another country :) Keep me updated on any Tangente news please, I will post about it

  3. What an amazing opportunity Darcy! I love the fresh look of his collection and the Greek influence, I hope you got some swag :)

  4. wuawwwww so proud =)