Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thankful for deals - some Thanksgiving shopping

Well, it is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. I am so incredibly thankful for the BREAK and the 3 day long weekend. Sleeping in for 3 days straight sounds like heaven...even though today I woke up at 6 out habit..but nonetheless having the option is liberating! Unfortunately I have been abandoned for this usually family based holiday. No turkey for this gal, just a load o' homework and laundry. The whole fam jam are in different places and due to circumstances I find myself here in Ottawa alone. So, whats a girl to do?! Duh.

I didn't mean to do any shopping this just kind of..happened. I got let off work at 1 on Friday afternoon but didn't have class until 4pm. How on earth was I going to fill those 3 long hours until my class? Perhaps at the Rideau Centre, which conviniently enough is right beside my school? Just for a minute or two...

First stop, Urban Behaviour. There I found a peplum shirt similar to the one I had gotten at the Vlogger search shop off. After buying that one I realized it was a tank and probably not the most practical thing for the upcoming chilly weather, so I bought a t-shirt version in baby blue for only 12 dollars. If you read my blog at all then you already know I'm a huge advocate for the SPC (Student Price Card) which gets you an extra 10-15% off most stores and luckily they accepted it at Urban Behaviour!

Next, I went to Forever 21 and thank goodness I did. There was a sale. Now, when Forever 21 has a sale, YOU GO! Everything that was already on sale was an ADDITIONAL 50% off. Additional off anything is good, and its amazing when its 50%. So, I managed to get a sweater, 2 skirts and a pair of sunglasses for $14 dollars.  WHAT A STEAL!

Sweater for $5.99

These skirts came to $2.50 EACH! So I clearly had to get one in each colour!

These pink sunnies came to $1.99.

Grand total for 4 items: $14.08!

So this was all Friday before class. A successful surprise shopping trip if i do say so myself. Now Saturday, I had committed to shoe shopping with a friend of mine (I should specify that this was shoe shopping for HER). I promised myself and my boyfriend that I would not buy anything and would focus solely on finding shoes for her and that is IT. If you assumed that I caved and broke this promise then you my friend, are correct.

After finding some kick ass boots for my friend Jennica, we found ourselves at the 50% off rack in Suzy Shier where I got this shirt for $14 instead of $28. During the Place D'orleans Vlogger Search I was actually going to buy a shirt almost exactly like this at Dynamite, but ran out of time and money. Thank goodness I didn't, this Suzy Shier version was less than half the price, and well, it came in pink!

At Aldo I found these adorable heart earrings that were also 2 for 1, so I bought these and this bow bracelet for a grand total of $9.98.

We managed to make a little time to goof off with the wigs at Aldo and snap a quick pic before the saleslady snipped at us that we weren't allowed. Oops!

Happy Thanksgiving all! Yes I am very thankful for all these wonderful deals I just found, but more importantly I am thankful for my family, friends and loved ones in my life. It breaks my heart that I can't spend this holiday with them (hence the retail therapy). Life is short, be thankful for what you do have in your life, appreciate the people who love you and tell them how thankful you are for them. Every day. You will never regret speaking the truth about how you feel, and I am extremely thankful to be living a life of little regret! 


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog Darcy, I am a faithful reader and fan. Glad you had a fun day with Jennica. I am thankful for my family and I agree with you; we need to always express our love and appreiciation for the people that we love.Even if I don't get to see you often know that you are always in my thoughts and heart. I am thankful for you and my family. enjoy your break. love always mom

  2. Wow! I tried that shirt on at Dynamite the other day, but didn't buy it. Now I'm glad I didn't, might have to check out the Suzy Shier version! :)