Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baby's first Movember

That time of the year that most women dread, and most hipsters await, is almost upon us my friends.
That is right. It is only days away from what was previously known as the month of Novermber, Movember.

If you haven't yet noticed that the population of moustaches residing on mens' upper lips multiply heavily in November, then I would like to introduce you to Movember. Movember started in Australia and it's goal is to raise awareness and funds for men's health issues, particularly prostrate cancer. The pink ribbon has been around for breast cancer for ages and is widely known across the globe, but there wasn't really anything targeted towards men, and that is where Movember comes in. The deal is, you start November, oops Movember, off clean shaven, and you continually grow and groom a mustache until the end of the month while raising funds and awareness.

Here are the rules!

Alright, now that you are in the know, I have to share with boyfriend is going to be participating in Movember for the first time EVER! That being said, I have to confess, he is not Canadian, he is Mexican. Contrary to popular belief, no not all mexicans have moustaches. At least they don't if they are under 45 years old. Movember isn't yet all that popular in Mexico. As a matter of fact, I don't think they have really even heard about it. My boyfriend hadn't until I had brought it up.

This means that he is VERY brave to be participating. In Canada it has become the norm to see our men walking around like 80's rock starts for the month of November. It is to be expected and accepted. In Mexico, not so much. I think what he is doing is very noble and he is going to be able to create a huge amount of awareness because I have no doubt at all that EVERYONE will be asking him "Why on EARTH do you have a moustache?" If they didn't know about Movember before, they will now!

Maybe I am being a gushy girlfriend but I really am so proud of him. It's easy (well, easier) to grow a moustache or do something abnormal in a society that has come to accept it, but he will be doing it somewhere that has no knowledge of this cause and I am so proud of the awareness he is going to be able to raise. Maybe next year he will be able to come up with a whole team!

I will be posting the progress of his moustache (it should come in pretty quickly, he is mexican after all) and if you would be so kind as to donate you can do so on his MoBro page here (Roberto's MoBro page).

What about you guys? Are you participating in Movember? Any Mo Sistas out there? Let me know your thoughts!

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