Sunday, September 9, 2012

The adventures of the Blue Beast continue

This post comes to you a little bit late I will admit, but that is because I have been a little preoccupied with having a FANTASTIC time with the Blue Beast. Since we last spoke, the Blue Beast, myself and the bf (I used to think that 3 was company, not anymore!) have been bustling around our lovely nation's capital. Our little trio travelled to Calypso water park on this past labour day Monday. It happened to be the last day it was open for the season, and a perfect one at that hitting a high of 32 degrees! The Blue Beast proved to be the perfect travelling companion, providing MORE than enough space for the million and one things that I insisted on bringing on our little day trip. We had a large cooler for our picnic lunch, which by the way I would NOT recommend. I thought I was being super resourceful and budget friendly by packing our little lunch, which consisted of some pop, water, apples, sandwiches, chips, and a chocolate treat each. Sounds lovely, but rang up at 20 bucks at the store for all of my goodies, we arrive at Calypso to find our sandwiches warm and hot dogs being sold for 2 bucks each (the sandwiches cost $ tax.) Nonetheless, after we resentfully ate our pricey picnic, we enjoyed the rest of the sunshine and headed home at about 5pm. That evening we took the Blue Beast downtown Ottawa to catch the light show on the parliament, Mosaika. I had heard great things about this show, but honestly wasn't convinced that it was all that amazing untill i actually went. I thought, what's so special about a bunch of lights on an old building? Well, A LOT actually. It was spectacular. Simply SPECTACULAR. It showcased a interpretation of the history of Canada, through lights, sounds, images, effects etc. My bf is not from Canada and he particularly enjoyed the little history lesson with the artistic spin. It truly was something special. When it came to a close, it left me with a profound feeling of being so proud to be Canadian and call this great country home, and these amazing people my neighbours. Whether you are from a local city, tourist, visitor; whoever you are I would strongly recommend seeing this show. I could go on for ages, but I don't want to ruin the show for the rest of you all.  Unfortunately, its finished for this year, but I urge you to check it out next summer if you are in the Ottawa region. I promise you will not regret it!

So that was our wonderful labour day Monday. Considering it was a Monday, it was an unusually enjoyable day. On Tuesday we hit up Place d'Orleans for a little shopping and so that I could record my   entry for the Place d'Orleans Vlogger Search. After some technical difficulties and 3 attempts, my video was submitted!  You are probably wondering what exactly IS this Vlogger search thing?! Well, for starters a Vlogger is a video blogger and this contest is looking to find someone to do fashion vlogging for Place d'Orleans, and to top it off you will receive 300$ in gift cards per month for 6 months at Place d'Orleans. I think this competition is a fabulous idea! It encourages us Orlean-ers to shop locally and provides us with a medium to do so. It is not necessary to venture all the way to Rideau, St. Laurent, Bayshore etc when we have a fashionable place to shop right here in Orleans!

Check out my entry for the Vlogger search! (the result of 3 attempts at filming)
My Vlogger search entry!

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