Saturday, September 15, 2012

New York state of shopping

New York City. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. Whatever you want to call it, I was lucky enough to call it home for 4 days last week.  The Black Sheep Fashion's creative director Jess, and PR director Katherine and I visited NYC for fashion week and for the short four days that we were there, we managed to acquire four weeks of stories. Now I'm not going to spill the (entire) beans just yet about everything that happened in NY, but I would like to get back to basics here. This blog was started about fashion and style and as of late I have drifted a bit away from that. So, lets get back on track and I'm going to share with you guys my BEST buy of NYC!

I didn't get around to doing too much shopping, we were much too busy but this is probably for the best for my wallet. What I did pick up in the small window we had for shopping were great, affordable buys. New York is amazing for shopping, but not only for pricey, designer gear, but for fun basics as well. Both the Forever 21 and H&M floors were four floors each. FOUR! That is absolutely insane.  If you can't find anything in those four floors, there is seriously something wrong with you!  I picked up two dresses at Forever 21, one tank at H&M and a pair of shoes.

The dresses were a impulse buy. I was on the phone with my boyfriend and was stressed out about everything (we were there to help out a designer with his fashion show) and he told me "Babe, I want you to have fun tonight. Please promise me you will go out and do something fun, I mean you are in New York!" So heeding his advice, I went and had fun the best way I knew how (shopping)...twice! I would like to justify this buy by 1) explaining the amazing versatilities of the dresses and 2) telling you how much they cost. One was a pink cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline and subtle monochromatic polka dot print. Doesn't it sound darling? Well, it was. I just wore it to the Rip the Fab Lane : I AM FASHION event last night and received a multitude of compliments on it. I then basked in the fact that I could say "Oh, this little thing? I just bought it in New York."

The second dress was a mere 19.80$. Oh, another amazing thing about shopping in NY. NO TAX! Outstanding. Apparently there isn't tax on clothing or it is just already added, so the price you see is actually the price you pay. Being Canadian, I am not used to that at all but love it! This next dress is perfect for fall. It is classic black, and a classic shape, but the thicker material and brown stripe with a belt make it perfect for the colder temperatures. This pic is with Marco Maranghello of John Barrett Salon. Fue un gusto conocerte!

The H&M tank I bought was simply black with a bow and a little sheer detailing on the bottom.

Now, on to the SHOES! Whether you have been to the big apple or not, it is pretty much common knowledge that it is a walking city. And when I say walking, I mean WALKING! I have never walked so much in my life, and if you know anything about me you know I fractured my heel last year and have a bad foot. Needless to say my cheap little flats were not cutting it. To top it all off our hotel did not have an elevator and we had to huff and puff the 3 flights up multiple times a day. Finally, by the last day I HAD to buy a new, supportive pair of flats. There was no way I could survive a moment more with the horrible impersonations I had that claimed to be shoes. So, at 8 pm Katherine and I head down to the local Macy's. By "the local Macy's" I mean the one on 34th and 6th a.k.a the largest one in the U.S. Just finding the shoe section itself was a struggle, but we managed to get there. Now, a little background info is needed for this story.  Many months ago Katherine bought a gorgeous caramel coloured pair of Michael Kors flats that I have been drooling over ever since. Seeing how its been a while since she bough them, I wasn't expecting to find them but hopefully something similar. She was always ranting and raving about how comfortable they are, how practical they are, they go with everything blah blah blah yes I want them already. So, when we finally found the shoe section of the store I immediately seek out my good friend MK. Although there are a multitude of flats, the coveted ones were not there. Oh well, I continue my search within the Michael Kors section and find various styles of flats to try on. Apparently we arrived a little too late because of BOTH the styles I picked out a middle aged women on the next bench over had them both in the last pair of 9. And of course, she decided to buy them both. Great. I am never going to find shoes. I ask to try 8.5, 9.5.. feel like Goldilocks as one is too small, the other is too big. Great, I REALLY am never going to find some flats. While chatting with the sales lady I mention that the ones I really wanted were the ones that Katherine was wearing. She takes a look at them, tells me you know what, give me a minute to check the back. The minute turns into 10, then into 15 and finally 25 and I am about to give up and get outta here...when finally..she comes back..with a box. Picture the clouds parting and light shining through in my head. She proceeds to tell me its a 9 and the LAST PAIR!! They fit like a charm and I head to the checkout to pay. These shoes cost $110.00 and in Canada they cost $138.00 plus tax so I already felt like I was getting a deal. She asks me if I want to sign up for a Macy's card and get 20%% off. Heck yes I do!!! I sign up, get 20% off, she then tells me she is giving me ANOTHER 20% off. Is this woman for real?!? I didn't ask questions, just pulled out my debit card as fast as I possibly could and said where do I sign! So, I ended up getting my dream shoe for $70.40 instead of $138.00 plus tax. Yes they are gorgeous. Yes they are extremely comfortable. Katherine had lost her cell phone earlier that day and I came to the rescue and got it back for her so I like to think of it as good (fashion) karma for doing a good deed. If this is the karma I get, I promise there will be many, many god deeds in the future. Katherine if you lose your cell again, you know who to call!

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