Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meet the Blue Beast!

THE most amazing thing happened to me last Thursday, and all thanks to one of my favourite addictions Twitter. So you want to know what happened on this seemingly normal day that we called August 30th, 2012?

Well, I was aimlessly passing time on Twitter as per usual, when I received a DM from the lovely Kristine Simpson of Thornley Fallis about a student blogging opportunity. The deal? Their client Ford wanted to help a student out that was returning to school in the fall in the Ottawa area by giving them a vehicle for a week . A student in the Ottawa area? That needed a car? Um YES that sounds like me! I live in Orleans, a.k.a suburbia hell. Well, it isn't so bad for families I guess...but for a carless student such as myself it is far from fun (and far from everything actually).

So, thus began my adventure and relationship with the 2012 electric blue Ford Focus that I deemed "The Blue Beast".

Isn't she lovely? Honestly, being in my situation I would've accepted ANYTHING with 4 wheels, and maybe even 2, so to have a brand spanking new beauty like this was merely a bonus.

I'm not sure if anyone will take offence to this or not, but here it goes. I think this car was made for women, or if I want to be a little more politically correct, well, me! First of all, it actually has a camera in the back and inside on the dash their is a huge screen that actually shows you behind you so you know exactly where to back up! It is absolutely awesome.

The touch screen also has the radio, GPS and pretty much everything you could ask for in it. Now although I have grown up in this "technological" generation, I am far from the best at these things. I like technology, but I want it to work when I need it and I want it to be simple. Now that iPhones are all the rage, I think this makes using this touch screen a lot easier. I have suffered from the switch between iPhone and Blackberry and whenever I try to use a Blackberry after having an iPhone, I feel like a cave woman and am touching the screen trying to make it work. With this car,  its "high tech" but easy to use, just how I like it. My only gripe about the touch screen is that it does lag from time to time.

My second favourite feature of the Blue Beast so far would without a doubt have to be the air conditioning system. Each side has its own vents, as you can see in the photo, and not only that, you can control the temperature on each side separately. Now THIS is a useful tool. I personally, am always, always, always, always, always cold. Did I mention that I am always cold? Well, my boyfriend on the other hand is as hot blooded as they come. The most frequent fight between us is whether to have the air conditioning on or off, the fan on or off, and so on. You can probably assume who wants which. Now this car has the best of both worlds. He cranks the A/C on his side, I blast the heat on mine  and we are both happy as clams and bask in the silence.

Stay tuned for more stories on the Blue Beast and where she takes us next!

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  1. So jealous! The new Ford Focus is AMAZING. I have a 2005 Focus that I ADORE. I think I'll be a Focus girl for life. Especially if they keep coming out with cars like your Blue Beast!!