Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bras & Bargains

The Canadian Forces really take care of their girls. Literally. I work part-time in the Naval Reserves and one of the amazing perks is that female CF members get reimbursed a fixed amount for bras every year. I guess it is because the men are issued those awful green boxers, this is our (better) version. So, every single year I get to treat myself and my girls too some brand new over the shoulder boulder holders. There is not much I love more than shopping, other than shopping and getting my money back, that is.

This morning while checking through my inbox I came across an email from La Senza about them having a 40% off sale only today and tomorrow. That is the moment I knew that today would be the day I started my bra shopping spree of the 2013 fiscal year. Between the 40% deal and the 10% off I get for being a Prestige member, I managed to score 5 brand new bras for 100 bucks (including taxes!) April 5th is the last day of this 40% promotion so if you want to take advantage of it you better get on it!
*Caution: objects in photos are smaller than they appear.

Here are the models I picked up:

The Itec: As far as strapless bras go, this is a personal fave. I bought one many years ago, and sadly it has now stretched out beyond wear (I was also told they used to make them a bit larger, they just recently changed for a tighter fit). This bra is seamless therefore making it the perfect fit for your chiffon and beige blouses. I bought it in beige. Oh! And how can you resist the adorable polk dot print on the inside!
The Beyond Sexy: I went ahead and bought not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of these guys. It fit me like a glove and they had such an awesome assortment of colours! I went for black, hot pink and a blush pink colour, all with lace detail. This is pretty much my new favourite bra. They have just the right amount of pushup (help me not look too flat, but don't make me look like a bimbo), a back closure and don't gap in any awkward spots. I also picked up one of the gel ones with no lace detail over top, in beige, making it the perfect t-shirt bra.
Most of these bras were around 40$ or more each, therefore I am BEYOND pleased with 5 for 100$.

On this same trip I stopped by Envirotrends, a haircare store in the St. Laurent mall that I adore. They have great products at reasonable prices and even offer a rewards program. You get a percentage of what you spend back in store credit! Amazing. I picked up this OPI shatter nail polish for just 1.99$.

Where do you like to shop for bras? Please share your preferred places, I still have more bra money to burn!

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