Monday, November 5, 2012

What is your shopping style?

Everyone has their own specific shopping style. Myself for example, I rarely go on a full out shopping "spree". Because I rely on the dreaded OC Transpo and all of the major bus stations seem to be also at all of the major malls, I constantly find myself there. I usually pick up a thing or two, here and there, every once and a while (too often). I have always feared the shopping "spree", thinking that it is just too much money at one time to blow, but in all honestly, the amount of "picking up a thing or two" probably amounts to the exact same thing. My goal is to one day STOP the constant picking up of little things, save up and treat myself to an actual "spree"! Maybe it'll be my graduation gift to myself once I finally finish my degree, we shall see!

On that note, here are a few things that I picked up in the last little while. Most necesary & practical, while some not. This story actual starts with Groupon. I receive the Groupon emails that tell you what the deal of the day is, and sometime last week I received one that informed me that there was a deal at Suzy Shier, where you pay 15$ and get 30$ credit at the store. I'm not the hugest Suzy Shier fan, but time to time I can find some good basics and deals there, so I thought "Why the heck not?" That same day, I received a second, even BETTER email from Groupon, stating something along the lines of "Hey customer, we see you haven't bought anything yet so we want to give you 15$ free at Groupon on your first purchase." 15$? Do you remember how much the Suzy Shier deal was? Yup, that is right. 15$. So I hop over to the website, and lo and behold, I got the 15$ Suzy Shier deal (worth 30$) for 0$! Zero! Zip! Nada! Free money? Free SHOPPING money? I will take it!

So, I head over to Suzy to see what I can get for my money and of course, with my luck, I ended up going last week when they had 40% of the entire store event. My Groupon could not be used in conjunction with any other deal. The ENTIRE store was 40% so there was literally nothing I could buy. Unfortunately I had came to this realization at the cash register when the cashier informed me, a.k.a AFTER I had already picked out my goodies. I had fallen in love with a winter coat. I didn't necessarily NEED a new winter coat...(actually I kind of did).  I do own two winter jackets already, but they are both a good few years old. I have a red wool jacket, and then a Roots black, long, down jacket. My grandma had bought the Roots jacket for me a few years back, and she clearly thought I was larger than I am, I have no clue. She had bought me a large, and although I do fluctuate with my weight (usually between 5-15 pounds) I have never really been a size large, especailly at Roots (things fit big)! Anyway, so I have this jacket, its a nice jacket, I wear the jacket, but it is a tad too big. The wind comes up the bottom of it all the time, there is just too much jacket, so yes I could use another one. Another shout out as to why I enjoyed Suzy Shier so much this visit, I had never noticed how big their clothes fit! I am actually an x-small their! I am usually not a large but I'm not an x-small either! (Usually small or medium) Woohoo! For all of you ladies out their who aren't a size 0, you understand the small victories of actually being able to be an x-small!

Anyway, I found this jacket and fell in love. Although I couldn't use my Groupon, it was still a whopping 40% off (regular 69$, came to 40 something). Too good of a deal to pass up. So I got my jacket and still had 30$ at Suzy Shier to waste!

Here is the jacket, these photos are just quick ones from the change room actually and don't really do it justice! Better ones to come! 

Interested in seeing what I actually did get with my Groupon at Suzy Shier? Stay tuned!

What is your shopping style?

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