Monday, November 26, 2012

True Bijoux Shines Through: Glitterati Holiday Party

Wednesday, November 21 was a crazy day for this blogger. I had class, a group meeting, catching up with a dear friend who was only in Ottawa for 2 days, picking up the boyfriend at the airport, and last but most certainly not least, True Bijoux's holiday Christmas party.

I had class until 7pm, as I do everyday, so picking out an outfit that I could wear to this large variety of activities was quite the challenge. I opted for comfortable casual chic with a pair of black leggings, over the knee boots, a flirty floral blouse and rose gold accessories. The boots are from Aldo, the blouse from Jacob and the earrings, of course, from True Bijoux.
                             Claudine with her new Bijoux!

                                   Noah and Mandy

Since I had so much to do in such a short time, I figured kill two birds with one stone and invite my visiting friend, Claudine, to attend the True Bijoux holiday party with me. I scooted down to 206 Sparks street immediately after my last class to meet up with her and catch the last hour of the party. Every time I walk into True Bijoux, I am blown away. Whether it is byy its sheer size, its sweet staff or by the most obvious, their spectacular jewels, their is always something spectacular there. This time, what I was blown away by was the fabulousness of their event. Not only were there a multitude of jewels (to be expected), there was also a variety of attendees (yes both women AND men), delectable snacks (I hadn't even eaten dinner because I was in class so a large thank you to True Bijoux for feeding me!), wine was flowing, and there was even a pop up makeup station from Murale!
Linsday must have read my mind because I was heading to the airport directly after the party to pick up the boyfriend and a makeup touchup was not only desired but very necessary. I previously featured True Bijoux in an article for The Black Sheep Fashion and when I did my interview with Lindsay, my boyfriend happened to be visiting as well, and accompanied me to the interview. The sweet thing she is, she even sent me away with a few extra cupcakes to bring him at the airport since he had been travelling all day. If he wasn't happy to see me at least he was warmly greeted by Lindsay's delicious cupcakes!
Overall, the party was a huge success. It was scheduled to end at 8pm but the party was rocking until at least 9. It definitely set the bar high for all of the other holiday parties to come!

What kind of holiday parties do you have to look forward to this year?

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  1. Love your shirt! Looks like it was a fab party!

    Kate xo