Friday, July 27, 2012

Ottawa, you are growing on me

I not so recently moved to our nation's capital, Ottawa, Ontario and although its been almost a year since the official move happened, I still feel like such a tourist in my own city. Could be because I've ran away to Mexico twice (for almost 2 months each time) since then, or that my current life consists of work, homework, school and the odd time sleep, when my schedule permits - who knows! But for what is left of the summer I am determined to get a little more intimate with this city of mine. It's embarrassing that i still dont know my way around, get lost whenever im attempting to get anywhere, and i get a blank expression on my face when people tell me "You know, across from the (insert notable landmark here)."

If you've seen Sex and the City, you remember the "Anchors Away" episode of season 5 where Carrie dates New York city. I want to date Ottawa. I want to know all about it, the good and the bad, the ins and the outs, it's dirty habits and hidden gems. I've discovered that a great way to get more interactive with your city is to attend events. My last post about Avah Taylor was a great event I attended at local boutique Kania, and last week I attended a Third Tuesday Ottawa event to hear Gini Dietrich speak about her book "Marketing in the Round" and her website Although I felt a tad out of place, being a mere student amongst all of these business professionals, Gini was very entertaining and clearly passionate.  She drove home the point of "measuring your results", as  you can see how she signed my copy of Marketing in the Round. She stressed how important measuring results is, and correctly assumed that as communications/PR people, complicated math probably is not our strongest point. Nonetheless, advanced algebra is not necessary, just solely the simple act of correctly measuring your results. Companies and business want numbers. They want to know how many people have followed them on Twitter, liked them on Facebook, bought their product or visited their website thanks to you.  I am a guilty member of the "I'm in communications therefore i don't need math" club (maybe even the president), but Gini shed some light on the fact that yes math is necessary, and no it does not require a master's degree in economics. Thank goodness! As a student not yet out in the workforce, this put me a little more at ease. This sounds like something I can actually do. 

So for me personally, the Third Tuesday event was a success. Coming up I have a "Ladies who Lunch" business women's lunch on the 31st, a fashion event "Modern chic" on August 9th, possibly being followed by fashion show Aug 11. I'm so excited for all of these future events, and not only get involved with my city, but with topics that interest me. Communications is my education, fashion is my passion. 

I really cant wait to see what other events and opportunities Ottawa has to offer me. Ottawa, you have inspired me and  I truly believe that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

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  1. You can totally do it, Darcy! Give up your president spot and create a new club - the communicators who measure their results! :)

    It was really fun meeting you!