Friday, July 13, 2012

Avah Taylor Launch Party

Last Thursday evening my friend Katherine and I attended a launch party for (check it out- it is the latest add to my blog list) and had a wonderful time! It was my first time meeting Avah, but upon arriving at the location (Kania, a boutique here in Ottawa) i knew instantly we would get along just fine.  Providing cupcakes, wine, fine jewels and even finer fashion Avah sure knows the way to a girl's heart! The cupcakes were delectable, the wine delicious and the fashion darling. I particularly enjoyed the throwback to the late 90's with Destiny's child tunes pumping. Katherine and i were singing (horribly) "ladies leave your men at home, nah nah nah nah nah"all the way home. Be thankful we didn't start until we left the party (to the streets & pedestrians of Ottawa - i do apologize, it was the wine i swear!)

 Although it was a scorching 32 degrees here in Ottawa that day, it didn't seem to faze anyone (other than my poor hair). The location was full to the brim with fashionistas. Fragrance expert Sid Cratzbarg was there (he is SO much fun), as well as beautiful jewellery from Logan Antiques and Vivah Jewellery. I am relatively new to the Ottawa area (okay that is half true - I've been here since September but between finishing up my degree and working i have turned into a grandma and never go out) so for me it was extremely interesting to find all these local stores that were right under my nose that i didn't even know about! It was so refreshing to meet so many stylish people interested in my passion (fashion)! I really do have to get out and get to know my city a little more.

Overall verdict: awesome night, awesome people, awesome city!  My thanks go out to Avah for the great event and to Katherine for kindly allowing me to be her +1! Thanks for a lovely evening ladies! Hope to do it again soon! xxx

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