Sunday, June 3, 2012

Goodbye heels, hellooooo flats!

After fracturing my heel last year, i have come to realize how not only necessary but practical flats are. To be perfectly honest, for me it is a small tragedy that i can't wear high heels anymore (ok a huge tragedy). Even though i'm tall enough not to need them, that has nothing to do with my love affair with heels. They are feminine, they are sexy, they do wonderful things for your butt and legs and they just perfect any outfit! I've had a hard time accepting that i can no longer use high heels, and an even harder time feeling like any outfit is complete without them. That being said, i have been discovering the cute and comfortable world of flats! Despite my previous bias, flats CAN be used for any situation, its just a matter of finding the right pair. For example: for a fancier affair or night out, i might opt for a pair of solid colour flats with detail and a pointy toe. For every day wear and tear, a comfortable pair in a colour other then white (learned from experience) and my personal fave, simple ballet flats with bow detail. They go with just about EVERYTHING! Although flats don't offer the height and sex appeal that heels do, they are a comfortable alternative that your feet will thank you for!

Here are just a few pairs of my flats, ranging from Nine West, to Forever 21 to Sirens.

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