Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lots of Luv for Tulum

Ever had so much to say that you don't even know where to begin? That 's what I've been experiencing as of late...I've been here in Mexico for almost one month now and it has been a whirlwind since the get go. So instead of trying to sum up everything and anything that I've experienced thus far, I'll first give a rundown of my "vacation" in Tulum. (Some may argue that my entire time here is a vacation, I would respond with a "enjoy the cold weather, suckers!")

Upon arriving in Mexico on September 1st, the plan was to take a quick, much needed vacation. I spent two nights and three days there and although it wasn't my first time visiting, I have to admit I fell in love with this oasis all over again.

Tulum is one of my absolute favourite places in the Yucatan Peninsula for multiple reasons:

1. It's not too touristy. Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and even Riviera Maya have become way too overpopulated with gringos tourists and spring breakers for my taste. Being in Cancun/Playa del Carmen is pretty much the same as being in Miami, and no, I did not choose to visit good ol' US of A, I chose to visit Mexico. Everything in Cancun is in USD for pete's sake! We are in Mexico, try pesos. The beaches are overcrowded, everything is americanized and it's just not the type of vacation I'm looking for, personally.

2. And the tourists that are there are a different type of tourist.  You won't find the obnoxious americans, or rambunctious college kids in Tulum. What you will find are the hippies, the yogis, the Europeans, the calm, cool and collected tourists that are seeking an authentic and tranquil experience. In my opinion, it's great company to be in and I have met at least one insanely interesting person each time I've went.

3. The closest thing to virgin beaches you are going to get. Any beach that was any where near being a virgin beach has been commercialized and cut up (think Playa del Carmen). In Tulum you simply feel like you could possibly be among the first people there, I am so thankful that they have preserved it to this standard.

Although I could gush for days on how enamoured I am with Tulum, those are my without a doubt the top reasons for my infatuation.  The hotel we stayed at was called Luv Tulum, and I loved it.  It was one of many of the cabaña type hotels in the area. I loved the ecologocial style of the whole place, even though it was a little bit of adjustment to how I usually live. For example, there was barely any light to be found past 8pm, anywhere.  The website even warns "Please note that the hotel's use of low voltage electricity forbids the use of electric hair styling equipment." Goodbye curling iron, helloooo afro. It had approximately 10 rooms and a lovely little restaurant/hang out spot with panoramic views of the ocean. 

It wasn't the ideal climate while we were there, but honestly I didn't mind. September is the rainy/stormy season and boy, did Mother Nature ever rear her ugly head. One evening it was so rough I thought the top was literally going to fly off of our cabaña. That didn't happen but it did rain hard enough to go straight through it and create large puddles in our room, which was rather inconvenient. The best of the storm was the lightening. Experiencing this weather on the ocean brings it to a whole new level. One evening there was no rain, just constant lightening high in the sky over the ocean, that filled the entire surrounding area with an amazing rainbow coloured light show. Not only was it gorgeous, it definitely helped with that whole "no light after 8pm" thing. 

Despite the cloudy weather, Mother Nature did leave me with a nasty surprise The morning after leaving Tulum I woke up with one of the most painful, intense sunburns I have ever had. I'm talking lobster red, hurts to wear clothing burn. I couldn't go out in public for my first week in Mexico, let's just leave it at that. Always wear your sunscreen kids, especially if you are a ghastly white Canadian! 

A few snapshots of lovely Tulum 



  1. Oh my gosh love your photos! It looks incredible there! I love that you say it's not super touristy. It's so sad when places are over-commercialized.
    And yummy Coronas!!

  2. Im actually off to Mexico this weekend! For a wedding. I was there last year too and stayed in a sleepy town called peurto morelos. Can't wait to go there again for some amazing fish tacos!