Monday, March 11, 2013

Joe Fresh & Spring Stripes

Alright guys, the snow is so, so, slowly, but surely, melting, yesterday we sprung ahead an hour and all the little kiddies are on March break...all of these signs can only point to one thing, and that thing is SPRING! (When I'm happy I rhyme, so sue me.) 

As a born and bread Canadian, I am obviously mildly obsessed with the weather. Whether you are 9 or 90, it comes with the territory. Probably because we are one of the countries that actually experience 4 distinct seasons (or if you ask me there is winter, worse winter, warmer winter and summer). Regardless, we love to chat about the weather and we particularly love to chat about the weather when it is warming up, probably because it is such a rare occurrence. 

One of the things I am most excited about for spring is to break out of my horrible winter uniform of layers, Lululemon pants and leggings, and wear things I actually LIKE! (cough cough dresses)
I recently visited the brand spanking new Joe Fresh store here in Ottawa and picked up a cute cotton dress that I am so excited to wear. It is striped and simple, but the colors and different gradients of the stripes add interest to an otherwise blah outfit. I have been looking for a striped shift dress in this style for quite some time now and have been frustratingly unsuccessful. Since it is such a basic, I checked stores like Old Navy (had some but the shape did not fit my body at all) and Forever 21 (shape actually fit, but it was inappropriately too short, would be extremely dangerous to bend over in) to no avail. I was deliriously happy to find the perfect one at Joe Fresh that met all of my criteria. 1) fit my shape 2) was long enough 3) was striped 4) was comfortable and 5) was affordable. Check, check, check, check and ringing in at $19 plus an additional 20% off, CHECK! I have a funny feeling this dress will become my new spring go-to outfit, and I am a-ok with that! (It beats the socks off of my winter go-to outfit at least)
 Amazing price!
Made in Cambodia!

While at Joe Fresh, I also picked up this chunky gold chain linked necklace, which is also an item I have been searching high and low for. Notice the nautical theme? Another thing (other then the weather) that I am more than just mildly obsessed with is anything and everything nautical. If you know me, you are well aware I adore anything with a stripe, anchor (I even have a tattoo of one) or sailor inspired. I took my new necklace for a test drive last weekend for my friend Katherine's birthday and paired it with a striped (surprise, surprise) ensemble. Red striped peplum tee was picked up on the same shopping trip at Dynamite for only $15.
This was the first time I experimented with stripe on stripe, think I was able to pull it off?


  1. Oh my gosh I love that striped dress!!! And that gold chain is gorgeous. You totally pulled off the stripe on stripe. I'm too chicken to even try!
    Yes, I think being Canadian lets us talk about the weather non-stop. It's a huge deal around these parts..

  2. I have a similar dress from Mango and it is perfect for Spring!

    $100 ASOS giveaway on my blog!

  3. I need to make it to this joe fresh store! perhaps a field trip is in order this weekend!

  4. Definitely pulled it off :-)

    We haven't yet had the time to check out Joe Fresh but seeing your finds now, a trip soon is a must!

    CJ and Katherine