Friday, August 17, 2012

The notorious "Sock Bun" : Curly haired girl rant

Alright, so if you have been on Pinterest, or are a university/college student, or have access to Youtube, you have more than likely heard of this infamous "sock bun". Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have embraced the sock bun, as you can see.

In the small chance that you haven't, here it is. It is a bun (in your hair) made by a sock. Yes, those things you use on your feet, socks. Grab a (clean) sock and a pair of scissors and give it a whirl.

What this consists of is cutting the toe end of the sock off and somehow making a crunchie-like apparatus with said sock, pulling it over your ponytail, then wrapping your hair around it thus creating the perfect bun. Sounds easy enough, right?

If you have any form of curly hair, IT IS NOT! I have been baffled with the sock bun conundrum for months. I try and I try, I waste sock upon sock, to no avail. My sock bun consistently looks like, well crap. Where is this perfect bun they speak of?! All I seem to accomplish is a knot in my hair, along with the sock (figure that one out) and an hour of wasted time. I have come to the conclusion that the sock bun is another evil invention reserved solely for the straight haired girls. How convenient that all of the tutorials on are, yes you guessed it, STRAIGHT HAIRED GIRLS. One of my personal missions in life is to raise awareness about society's ignorance to curly haired girls. Yes we are people too, and yes we want all the same opportunities/privileges given to the lucky straight haired girls.

So, please, I beg of you, if you have curly/wavy difficult hair and you have mastered the sock bun, please, PLEASE share your secrets with me. I won't tell anyone, I promise, and you would actually be doing society a favour by not allowing them to further endure the bird's nest upon my head that is my attempt at a "sock bun". If someone could enlighten me about the mystery behind curly hair vs. sock bun it would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Actually, Im fairly good at the sock bun. Tried it right now and it turned out perfectly :)

  2. i tried it have wavy hair and it looks amess